Dentist Elmhurst  National Nutrition Month

Dentist in Elmhurst NY Shares how Important Your Diet Is and Why Your Teeth are Affected, Too


With the month of March almost upon us, it’s time to start eating right! While there’s no perfect time, it’s important for all patients to know how your diets affect the status of your teeth, as well. March is National Nutrition Month, where the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics asks if everyone can pay special attention to what we’re actually eating. Your dentist in Elmhurst NY wants to bring focus to the foods and drinks that damage your smile.


When you think of what you eat, it doesn’t always occur to you how badly it harms your teeth since most people are preoccupied with how it will affect their weight. There are countless dietary foods and drinks that may benefit some parts of your health, but not others. A popular beverage choice is lemon water and while it can help your physical diet, it seriously damages your dental enamel.


Lemons are highly acidic and they break down the protective surface of your teeth, called your enamel. These minerals are created to protect and strengthen your teeth, but acidic foods and drinks work fast to break them down. If a patient is constantly consuming lemon water throughout their day, they’re seriously weakening the structure and health of their smile.


Most healthy foods and drinks can also benefit your teeth too; foods with whole grains, whole wheat and protein are meant to improve various parts of your body. It’s important to make note of what ingredients are in your foods and drinks since your teeth are always directly and immediately affected.


Remember to try and eat right during March and share information from your dentist in Elmhurst NY about National Nutrition Month with your friends and family in order to protect all parts of your health, including dental!


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